Public Safety – I am honored to be law enforcement’s choice for San Marcos City Council. Our Sherriff’s deputies and firefighters have my utmost trust and confidence and I will ensure they have the tools and resources they need to keep us safe. My top priority is public safety to ensure that San Marcos families have safe neighborhoods and streets.

Balanced Growth and Quality Neighborhoods – I will take a balanced approach to growth and development in our community. When neighborhoods are approved, they will be built with all infrastructure necessary to mitigate their impacts.  New neighborhoods must be consistent with the  quality standards, parks, and trails that we have come to enjoy in San Marcos.

Innovative Solutions to Traffic Congestion – Simply put, traffic congestion lessens our quality of life. We must invest in needed infrastructure to improve congestion, but must also go beyond that. I will promote innovative solutions and leverage technology, just as I have on the Water Board, to meet this pressing need to reduce traffic congestion. If we can remove salt from seawater to meet our drinking water needs, we can solve our traffic issues through innovation.

Fiscal Responsibility – San Marcos has strong financial reserves and I plan to keep it that way.  While on the Vallecitos Water Board, I have been a strong advocate for promoting ways to increase efficiencies and lower operating costs. In recent years we reformed our employee pension program, leveraged technology, and implemented policies that ensure the district gets best value on its contracts. As a result, Vallecitos is in sound financial condition with strong reserves. I will bring this same approach to San Marcos.

Parks and Trails –  I will always advocate for more parks and trails that support a healthy lifestyle for our community. I mountain bike regularly along our trails and appreciate that we have them in our community.

Strong Local Economy – Part of what makes San Marcos great is our local business community. I will continue to support pro-business policies and will be a steadfast advocate for those who create jobs, contribute to our tax base, and provide goods and services for our community.

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